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Hiking tours Mont Blanc

To help you be prepared for your hike in Mont Blanc, here are just a few questions and answeres. If you need more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us…

When is the best time for me to go?

The summer months of July and August are the best months for hiking. Earlier in the year the weather is unpredictable and in the mountains the snow stays quite long. This does not mean that the other months are bad. The mountains are beautiful when they are covered with a layer of snow.

Where do we sleep?

The accommodation varies per route. During heavier treks you will spend the night in mountain huts for that ultimate mountain feeling. Looking for a bit more comfort? We also offer routes where you stay in hotels. One thing is for sure: you will sleep well after a day in the mountains.

What kind of equipment should I bring?

This is a tough hike, so a sturdy, well-trained pair of hiking boots is indispensable. If you like to walk with walking sticks or other equipment, be sure to bring it with you. The weather in the Alps can change quickly. Dress in layers to stay warm and bring rainwear.

What do we get to eat?

Even high up in the Alps you can enjoy the delicious French cuisine. The food in the mountains is a bit easier than downstairs, but you get delicious hearty meals that give you enough energy to walk and enjoy the beautiful view.

I have never made a long hike before. Is that a problem?

Although many people don’t put Mont Blanc in the same row as Kili or Everest, the Tour du Mont Blanc is a challenging hike. Some walking experience does make the tour easier. We offer two routes, so choose the one that suits your experience.

Need More Information?

Please have a look under the “More Info” Tab for more FAQs. For information about a specific Tour please Contact us… 
We are looking forward to hear from you…

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